I wrote the following article which appeared in the Makor(magazine)

BJEC's Media Literacy program is nearly complete.

It is well known that many students spend more time watching TV, movies, and surfing the 'net than they do reading and writing, and so it is important for them to be able to analyze and critically evaluate the visual, verbal, and non-verbal messages that these forms of media communicate. At Akiva and École Maimonide, students considered these issues around a series of YouTube videos.

At École Maimonide and Hebrew Foundation, groups were formed to carry out a project assigned by the English/French/Hebrew teacher. Students were asked to make note of the different sources they gathered their information from, such as peer discussions, parents, the library, magazines, and the Internet. A few weeks later, the completed projects were filmed, some of which can be viewed online at http://www.encoremontreal.com/ml.

In the final phase of the Media Literacy program, students will learn how to edit and produce their own videos, using the raw footage of their very own projects, because true media literacy in today's world requires familiarity with video production from both sides of the camera!


The two videos below are from the George Lucas Foundation on Media Literacy:

Cross-Curricular Competencies

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